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New: Youtube Channel

Brand new: Aristides' Youtube channel features works, concerts and projects. You can even subscribe to the channel and keep up with all the news. Come visit!

Listen to the works of Aristides Strongylis

imgAll music samples are mp3 files that can be played by most if not all computers. A click on the loudspeaker icon starts playing the music. The sound files are about 1MB each and are subject to national and international copyright law. All rights reserved. Any usage other than listening requires permission by the copyright holders or their representatives.

speaker icon Angels of Hope, commissioned by the Gewandhaus orchestra in Leipzig, sample

Troisième Hymne Delphique à Apollon

speaker icon Apollon vengeur (1st movement; excerpt)

speaker icon Apollon, fondateur de l'oracle des Delphes (2nd movement; excerpt)

speaker icon L'élément apollinien (4th movement; excerpt)

Played by Apollon Musagète Quartett, BR 4 Klassik Produktion, Munich Feb 23, 2010

speaker icon playback play, sample

speaker icon Der Kampf mit dem Tiger [Fighting the Tiger], sample

speaker icon alphabeta, sample no. 1

speaker icon alphabeta, sample no. 2

speaker icon about energy, sample no. 1

speaker icon about energy, sample no. 2

speaker icon Peronellas Fass [Peronella's Barrel], sample no. 1

speaker icon Peronellas Fass, sample no. 2

speaker icon Zwischen Tier und Gott [Between Beast and God], sample



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